Avoiding spiritual confrontation

God has come.

We all meet new people in our every day situations.  Sometimes we meet people

who have beautiful Spiritual energies. On the other hand we sometimes meet other

people who are so insecure  that when they walk into a room other people will

experience drastic changes in their Spiritual energy level.  Believe it  or not, the

energies that some people exude will change the energy in the room from a

peaceful environment to a bad feeling.  This is because the person who walks into

the room is carrying around with them negative energies. This negative energy

may not be directed at anyone in particular.  It could be because of some bad

experience that the person had before.  It could  be an experience shortly before

they come into the room or it could have been many experiences or continuous

experiences in their lives. We have to be aware and be able to detect this type of

energy. This person is often confrontational and we have to be able to deflect

this type of energy.  There also other types of negative energies that people

will show like the negative energies or Jealousy. There are people out there

who just do not like to see other people succeed.

On the other hand there will be times when someone else

walks into the same room and without the person saying a word your feelings

will change to a more upbeat feeling and the environment will feel lighter.

It can be described as being a” ray of sunshine.”

If someone constantly exudes negative Spiritual energies we should

try to  avoid them as much as possible. This person is not good for us

because their negative energies will bring down our Spiritual energies  every time

we see them. There are people out there who will drain your energies for no

apparent reasons.

They seem to rely on others to give them the energy that they need to

carry them throughout the day. It is my hope that people who are having

negative Spiritual experiences will seek to change their situations.  We are all

good people.    We sometimes find ourselves in bad situations.  It is true that

“no one is perfect.”

About theprayergardens

Writing is among many of my Passions. I have also been Blessed with the abilities to create many things including many kinds of Crafts: Crocheting, Topical Herbal Remedies and Soap making At present I am concentrating on Crocheting, Soap making and Gardening as my hobbies. With my experiences on the subjects of Astrology, Horoscope Readings, Paranormal Experiences and Spirituality I believe that it is my duty to have discussions and inform those interested in these subjects through my Writing. I wish that some day I will be of Service in the areas that I have mentioned above. I hope that everyone who reads my blogs will be informed somehow and may be use the information as a stepping stone to helping others as well. If you have questions about any of the topics that I mentioned, please free to ask me by sending your Inquiries through the contact form on any of my post. Thank you so much for visiting and Best Wishes!
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